One Mission, Our Customers

Brakes 4 Less was started with one mission: to provide a great experience and service that is at a lower price then all of are competitors, plus every decision we make is always in the best interest of are customers, team members and company in a straight line, ALWAYS! Over the last 25 yrs, Brakes 4 Less has became the place to go get your brakes done, how do we do it, simple ALL WE DO ARE BRAKES, more then anyone else, more then anyone else in town.

Brakes 4 Less specializes in quality brake installation and repair services in several states in the South East, including SC, NC, GA, KY, IN and FL. With over 25 years of experience within the brake industry we take pride in our reliability and customer service. We stand behind all of our work, our warranties cover parts and labor which sets us apart from all the rest. For all your brake installation and repair needs, locate the Brakes 4 Less nearest you!

We Care

  • We Care About You
  • We Care About Your Time
  • We Care About Your Trust
  • We Care About Our Customers

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Mon-Sat:  8am – 4pm
Sunday:  CLOSED
Quick service that you can count on
Our guys are the best in the biz. They do thousands of brake jobs a month and do their best to get you in and out.
Only the best for you vehicle
We make sure the parts we put on your vehicle meet the highest of standards! That is why we are able to give such a great warranty.
Lowest price guarenteed
Brakes are all we do! We order our parts straight from the manufacturer and pass our savings on to you. We have cut out the middle man.

Get in by 4:00, and we'll have you done the same day!