One good thing about brakes is that they will let you know when they are getting close to needing repairs.

Sometimes you’ll hear the tell-tale squeaking or grinding noise that means your brake pads are wearing down. Other times you’ll feel your car pull to one side when you break, signaling an issue with your brakes, calipers or brake fluid. Sometimes, you’ll see a service indicator light come on, or your brake pedal will feel soft or press down to the floor when you put your foot on it.

All of these are signs your brakes need repair, and that it’s time to take your car into a brake shop for maintenance.

Benefits of Brake Repair

There are many reasons to take your car in for repair as soon as you notice it having any of the above issues. The most important reasons are safety and to reduce future costs.

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. If they’re not functioning properly and give out when you need them most, the consequences could be devastating. To protect yourself, your passengers and other motorists on the road, staying on top of brake repairs and maintenance is essential.

Having your brakes serviced is also important to help reduce the amount of money you will spend down the line. Waiting until your brakes have fully worn down or ignoring problems with the rest of the brake system only makes for bigger costs down the road.

A good rule of thumb is to have your brakes checked every time you change your oil or rotate your tires. This can be about every six months or so, or more often if you tend to ride your brakes. If it’s been over a year since you had your brakes looked at, that’s also a good indicator you should schedule an appointment at your local brake shop.

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Brakes 4 Less Brake Repair Services

The friction and heat created every time you slow or stop your car is very wearing on your braking system. The makeup of a braking system can vary greatly between different types of vehicles, but brake services generally follow the same procedures and involve brake pads and shoes, calipers, rotors and drums, among other components.

At Brakes 4 Less, we take brake repair seriously. Our knowledgeable technicians will examine all parts of your vehicle’s braking system and recommend any necessary repairs to components, from the power brake booster to the parking brake. Specific repair services can include front and rear disk brake repair and rear drum repairs.

Sometimes you’ll need brake replacement instead of brake repair in order to ensure the braking system functions properly.

Same-Day Service Guarantee

The mission of Brakes 4 Less is to provide our customers with quality brake services in a timely manner and at a low price. We guarantee same-day service for cars brought to us before 4 p.m., and try to have each car done within two hours or less. We’re able to work so quickly because we specialize in brakes, and don’t do anything else! Our mechanics are experienced professionals who know braking systems and will never try to get you to buy parts or services that aren’t needed.

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