Brake Booster Replacement Services

Your car’s brake booster is a vital component of the brake system. A brake booster that’s damaged or not working properly can quickly become a safety hazard, so it’s important to get assistance as soon as you suspect you have a braking issue. At Brakes 4 Less, our experienced brake repair mechanics have the technical know-how to replace brake boosters and get you back on the road quickly and safely.

What is a brake booster?

A brake booster is responsible for making braking an easier and quicker process. Brake boosters send additional power to a brake unit, giving the brakes extra force to slow down your car whenever you press down on the pedal.This means you can step lightly on your car’s brake pedal but create maximum braking power, bringing even the heaviest of vehicles to a stop.

Brake boosters are devices that are designed to increase the force you apply to the brake pedal to the master cylinder. Brake boosters are what make a modern car’s braking system “power-assisted.” Because brake boosters provide assistance to the braking system by forcing your brakes to function correctly, it’s vital that you take your car in for an inspection if you suspect there is a problem.

Signs of a Bad Brake Booster

There are several key indicators that your car has a bad brake booster. The most common one you’ll notice is when, over time, your brake pedal becomes difficult to push down. Your brake pedal may also not return to its original position when you lift your foot off. This is also a symptom there could be other issues with your brake system, so it’s best to have your car looked at if you notice you’re having problems pushing your brake pedal down.

Some other common signs of a bad brake booster are when it takes your car longer to come to a complete stop, your engine has stalled recently, or you start to hear a hissing sound coming from under the dash. If you notice any of these signs, you should get your brake boosters fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your car and prevent accidents.

How much does a brake booster replacement cost?

Now that you can identify when you may have a defective or broken brake booster, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to fix one when things go bad. The average cost to replace a brake booster can vary greatly depending on the shop you take your car to. The cost for parts can also vary and depend on what needs to be replaced, and, if you’ve let things go too long unchecked, there may be additional issues with your car that need immediate attention. At Brakes 4 Less, we start with a full inspection of your vehicle’s braking system to get a full understanding of any issues that may exist. A brake booster service is a little more complicated than simply changing out the brake pads or topping off the brake fluid, so this service can run a little pricier than typical brake specials.

When our professional mechanics perform a brake booster service, they will first remove the master cylinder from the booster, then remove the vacuum hoses, unbolt the booster from the firewall, and remove it from your vehicle. A new brake booster will be installed, the hoses and master cylinder will be reattached, and your car will be braking like new! Some brake systems utilize hydraulic brake boosters, which will follow a similar process but require additional parts and some additional steps.

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