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It’s a regular day. You’re driving down the road, going through your daily routine. You’re mentally checking off your to-do list when you spot a red light up ahead. You press on your brake pedal, preparing to stop, and then notice that your car starts to shake immediately. You’re able to roll to a stop, but you’re a little rattled.

It’s not normal for a car to shake when you brake, right? The answer is no! A car that shakes when braking is a sign something is wrong, and this can actually be very dangerous. Our expert brake technicians at Brakes 4 Less are here to break down why your car is shaking when you brake, and what you need to do about it.

There are a few reasons why your car shakes when you brake:

Your braking system is made up of quite a few components. When even one of these parts has an issue, it can manifest physically in the form of odd sounds and vibrations when you press your brake pedal. While a shaking car is cause for concern, it is usually easy to figure out the source of the issue. Below we have outlined a few brake system parts that can cause shaking in your vehicle when you brake.

Brake Rotor Trouble

Sometimes, you will be able to feel exactly where the shaking is happening when you brake. If you feel the vibrations most in your steering wheel and brake pedal, then the root of the problem could be linked to your rotors. The rotors are situated right beside your brake pad, and this pad presses against the rotors to help slow your roll when you brake. When your rotors are out of balance, they can cause the shaking sensation you feel in your steering wheel and brake pedal. If you are experiencing these issues, then you need to take your vehicle into a brake shop for an inspection and service. Misaligned rotors can cause damage to your vehicle if left unchecked for too long.

Your Brake Pads Need To Be Replaced

If your brake pads have worn down too much, then you might feel a light shaking sensation accompanied by a squealing noise when you brake. These are both indicators that your brake pads need to be replaced. If you are noticing these issues in your car, you shouldn’t put off a brake replacement service. The vibration in your car upon braking means that your brake pads are already worn down beyond what is considered safe.

The Brake Calipers Are Sticking

There are a few things happening in your car when you brake. The pressing of the pedal causes brake fluid to be released, and this fluid is pumped through lines connected to your car’s braking system. The brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure and allows the calipers to press the brake pad to the rotor, which effectively makes your car brake. If your calipers are sticking instead of pressing your brake pads against your rotors, then this can cause a vibration in your steering wheel. Try to focus on where you are feeling the shaking in your car when you brake. If it is just your steering wheel and not your brake pedal, then your calipers might be the cause.

The Bottom Line: Get Your Brake System Checked at Brakes 4 Less

Any shaking you experience in your car when you brake is not a normal occurrence, and usually means there’s something wrong with your braking system. When you need efficient brake jobs for your vehicle, you can trust the team at Brakes 4 Less. We can conduct a free inspection of your braking system, and offer affordable solutions to whatever issues we find. We are experts in all things brakes, and we only specialize in brake services, which puts us a step above a full-service mechanic shop. With our unique brake expertise, we can spot issues that a regular mechanic will miss. Plus, we offer competitive prices on all of our services, and a same-day service guarantee when you get to our shop before 4:30 p.m.

Call Brakes 4 Less today and find a location near you. Let us help you find out why your car is shaking when you brake. (866) 588-7867

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