The answer to this question is not simple, unfortunately. Unlike with an oil change, there isn’t a set number of miles or a certain time period that requires you to change your brake fluid. When and how often you change your brake fluid will vary depending on your vehicle, the driving conditions of your area, the manufacturer’s recommendations for your make and model, and other factors.

You don’t have to worry about your brake fluid causing issues just because you aren’t sure when you should change it. There are plenty of signs that your vehicle will emit to let you know that it’s time to change your brake fluid, long before disaster strikes. You can also call a local mechanic about a brake job if you’re concerned.


Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Brake Fluid

The most obvious tell that it’s time to change your brake fluid is a complete failure in the brakes themselves. However, brake failure doesn’t happen abruptly or without warning. There are plenty of signs leading up to this occurrence that your car will be giving before you have to worry about your brakes failing and causing an accident.

1. Brake Pedal Issues. A hard or soft brake pedal will be a sign of an issue with your brake fluid. A hard brake pedal means that your brake fluid is either leaking or is too old. A soft brake pedal means that you need to change your brake fluid.

2. ABS Light. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Light will illuminate to let you know that there is a problem with your braking system. This notification is pretty easy to spot on your dash, as it is just the letters ‘ABS.’ The most common reason for this signal to light up is that your brake fluid needs to be replaced or topped off.

3. Issues with Brake Pads. You may notice a squealing or grinding sound whenever you brake, and this is an indicator that your brake fluid is dirty and needs to be changed. Another sign that there is an issue with your brake fluid is that you have to brake from further away, as it takes longer to reach a full stop.

4. Burning Smell. When your brakes become overheated, they will emit a harsh chemical smell—something like burnt rubber or metal. If you start to notice this smell while you’re driving, you need to pull over immediately and allow your brakes time to cool off. Otherwise, they can damage your wheel or braking system.


Brakes 4 Less can change out your brake fluid for you!

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